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our values page

Our mission and values define our organisation. Our values are not rules, but rather shared ideals and understanding that bind us together. Along with our mission and our commitment to excellence in everything we do, they articulate who we are and what we believe, influence our work, guide our actions and help us to explain our aspirations to others.

  • Creativity: we promote creative thinking and the development of novel ideas and approaches to tackle problems.
  • Pragmatism: we promote and take a pragmatic approach towards designing and implementing measures or actions to achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Determination: we believe that positive and real on the ground changes can be achieved, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to achieve this.
  • Diligence: we promote depth, rigour and discipline in our work, which is always rooted and supported by strong evidence.
  • Collaboration: we promote a collaborative approach to working with all stakeholders at all levels.
  • Integrity: we have a strong ethical approach to our work and will advise and implement what we believe in.