This consultancy aims to support the Dominican Republic with the implementation of a strategic environmental and social assessment [SESA] to identify the possible impacts and risks, as well as the opportunities among the various REDD+ strategic options of the country; leading to with the design of an Environmental and Social Management Framework [ESMF] to address and manage potential environmental and social risks during the implementation of its REDD+ Strategy.

Another objective of the project is to support the Dominican Republic with the design of a mechanism for receiving complaints, grievances and resolution of conflicts [MQRC], which establishes a clear and effective way to handle complaints or conflicts that could be generated during the implementation of the National REDD+ Strategy. As a last objective, to project will support the Dominican Republic with the design of a Safeguard information system [SIS] for REDD+.



Jan-Dec 2018


World Bank


  • Pronatura
  • Winrock International
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