The Offset National Emissions through Sustainable Landscapes (ONE-SL) program will support developing countries to unlock new private sector sources of finance and incentivize protection of forests. The program will help developing countries overcome unique technical challenges to improve sustainable forest landscape programs in order to become eligible suppliers of carbon offsets under major international environmental markets.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation, forest conservation, and economic development intersect in REDD+. Yet REDD+ programs will not achieve success without sustainable financing that includes the private sector. The purpose of the Offset National Emissions through Sustainable Landscapes (ONE-SL) project is to address these challenges in partnership with country stakeholders, the private sector, and the Department of State (DOS). The goal of ONE-SL is to develop understanding, capacity, and tools to enable countries to participate in jurisdictional REDD+ with nested projects and derived offsets that have unimpeachable quality and meet private sector needs.

The expected results of ONE-SL are greatly enhanced understanding, capacity, and access to innovative tools for successful REDD+ implementation among countries, project developers and commercial industry offset purchasers. ONE-SL will serve as a critical missing puzzle piece to ensure sustainable REDD+ programs that support conservation, sustainable landscapes, and resilience of forest ecosystems. The project will allow the mobilization of investment from commercial industry, and increased ambition and success from forest nations. The anticipated impact of ONE-SL is a reduction of 85 million tons of CO2e emissions, 297 thousand hectares under improved management, and $2 million invested in jurisdictional REDD+.

Winrock International will lead a Consortium consisting of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Climate Law and Policy (CLP), and Nature Climate Solutions (NCS) . The Consortium includes Country Leads for each of the eight ONE-SL countries, providing in-country REDD+ knowledge and experience. Within this context, CLP will play a key role throughout the assessment and broader roadmap and capacity-building process.



Sept 2020 – Sept 2023


US Department of State


Winrock International