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We are proud to work with a broad range of partners including

governments, private sector companies, climate funds, multilateral

organizations, indigenous peoples groups, and NGOs who share our

vision of a low-carbon, sustainable future.


In addition, we bring together experts in climate change, human rights, international diplomacy, and ESG to craft innovative solutions for clients committed to tackling some of the world's most urgent challenges.



We work with national and subnational governments on climate policy making, ESG safeguards and accessing climate finance

Since 2013, we’ve supported over 25 governments in addressing ESG safeguard-related challenges, including setting-up safeguard technological reporting systems, designing innovative, utilization-focused legislation and supporting them in meeting their international climate commitments.


Private Sector

The private sector is increasingly playing a central role in tackling some of the key challenges related to the climate agenda. We work with private sector entities on ESG safeguards and accessing climate finance

In response to growing recognition that the quality of a carbon unit -and its price- should not only factor in the integrity of emissions reductions, but also their sustainability and other social and environmental benefits, we work with project developers, investors and buyers/offtakers to provide assurances that ESG safeguards are addressed in carbon projects. Please see our ClimateSafe initiative.



Our experience with multilateral organizations is broad and multifaceted, responding to evolving needs and tailoring innovative responses. We work with multilateral entities on climate policy making and ESG safeguards.

Our approach is to find effective and efficient solutions to their challenges, supporting them in achieving their overall mandate.


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