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REDD+ Emission Reduction Programs in Uganda

REDD+ Emission Reduction Programs in Uganda

Climate Policy Making

2022 - 2022

Uganda designed ER-Programs and prepared the associated ER-Program documents (ER-PIN and ERPD) to facilitate systematic and full “implementation of the national policies and measures [included in the national REDD+ strategy or action plan] that allowed for further capacity-building, technology development and transfer, evolving into results-based actions that should be fully measured, reported and verified.”

Under this assignment the Winrock consortium comprised by Winrock International, Climate Law and Policy and Ecotrust worked with the REDD+ Secretariat through the Focal Point and REDD+ Steering Committee to develop two separate ER-Programs for the Mount Elgon and Albertine Rift regions. These were designed to allow nesting within national REDD+ management and monitoring structures. This included undertaking work and formalizing necessary arrangements to complete all components of funding proposals for results-based payments (RBP) under existing or emerging REDD+ funding mechanisms.

Climate Law and Policy provided their internationally recognized technical expertise in SESA as well as REDD+ to ensure these aspects meet the required criteria for successful REDD+ implementation.

Country: Uganda Region: Africa
REDD+ Emission Reduction Programs in Uganda