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Evaluation of the UNREDD Program

Evaluation of the UNREDD Program

Climate Policy Making

2019 - 2020

The objective of this assignment was to develop a strategic lessons learned think piece, including analyses, forward looking reflections and recommendations to inform the design of the next phase of the UN-REDD Partnership beyond 2020.

The think piece considered key areas such as (i) progress in advancing results-based actions of REDD+; (ii) role of REDD+ in the context of Paris Agreement and National Determined Contributions; and (iii) the financing landscape.

Country achievements and lessons, global challenges, and UN-REDD opportunities shall be highlighted for each of these key areas, as well as forward-looking insights on key knowledge areas for UN-REDD to focus on beyond 2020 to make forests act as a climate solution.

Country: Switzerland Region: Western Europe and Other States
Evaluation of the UNREDD Program