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Toolkit for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities on Jurisdictional REDD+ Standards

This toolkit has been designed to empower indigenous people (IP) and local communities (LC) to engage with, contribute to and strengthen existing jurisdictional REDD+ Standards, particularly from the perspective of environmental and social safeguards. There are four key booklets relating to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), REDD dot plus, The REDD+ Environmental Excellency (TREES) standard and the VCS Jurisdictional and Nested Framework (VCS KNR).  The TREES Booklet also has seven (7) additional booklets relating to the specific requirements and approach to each of the Cancun Safeguards.

FCPF Booklet (ENG)

REDD dot plus Booklet (ENG)

TREES Booklet (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard A (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard B (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard C (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard D (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard E (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard F (ENG)

    TREES Safeguard G (ENG)

VCS JNR Booklet (ENG)